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Providing the best products for a raw and fresh diet for dogs and cats. Our Treats, Meats, and fresh products are all locally sourced in Australia.

Our Story

Dozer & Co. Pet Food came about because my human Mum decided that she wanted not only the best of health for Winnie and I, but for all other fur babies too.

You see when I changed to a raw diet many ailments went away, such as ear infections, hot spots and itchiness and my coat is now oh so luxe! It was a brilliant change and after all, I am a British Bulldog and we have enough problems to contend with, so my overall health and wellbeing is an absolute priority.

Additionally, there is so much science behind the benefits of a raw diet that Mum took a deep dive into learning about this feeding strategy and researching scientific papers on the benefits of feeding a raw and fresh diet.

Hence, she decided Dozer & Co. would be a great way to expand the horizons of many other dog and cat lovers but also by providing a local shop where fur parents can finally access preservative-free, quality ingredients for meals, plus treats and supplements. Mum took control of my diet and can help you do the same so your fur kids can live their best life too.

Our Products

Dozer & Co. caters to many different styles of raw and fresh diets.

Dozer & Co. provides the best of products for a raw and fresh diet for dogs and cats. Our Treats, Meats and fresh products are all locally sourced in Australia – with the exception of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels. All meats are preservative free, unlike most of the pre-packaged products that use harmful stabilisers to extend shelf life.  Instead we, or you when taking the food home, can utilise the power of a freezer for the long term life of products – simple!

The Benefits.

Dozer & Co. caters to many different styles of raw and fresh diets. A raw and fresh diet aims to give your pets meals that closely resemble the biologically species appropriate diet they would live on naturally in the wild.

Our pet food is sourced right here in Australia, ensuring both quality and trust in every bite. We take pride in offering products that are locally sourced and have earned the trust of pet owners. This means that the pet food you provide to your furry companions is held to high standards, meeting local regulations and quality controls. We believe in supporting our local economy and reducing our environmental impact, so you can feel good about choosing our products. If ever there is an exception to this it will be clearly labelled, such as NZ Green Lipped Mussels.

Being locally owned and operated means that we’re deeply connected to our customers and their needs. We have a vested interest in ensuring the highest quality because our community’s pets are also our own. Our products are made locally, allowing us to maintain a shorter supply chain, which translates to fresher ingredients and faster distribution to local stores.

At Dozer and Co., we recognize that a happy pet is a healthy pet. Our commitment to sourcing locally and providing raw and fresh options stems from our genuine concern for your pet’s happiness. A diet rich in essential nutrients, coupled with the satisfaction of indulging in natural flavours, contributes to a contented and joyful pet. We take pride in being a part of your pet’s journey to wellness and happiness, ensuring that every meal they enjoy reflects our dedication to their health and vitality.

By feeding a natural diet rather than processed foods you can avoid your pets meal being plumped up with fillers such as corn, wheat and soy that can cause an array of health issues. Being a species appropriate food it will help maintain a healthy gut microbiome and this in turn then helps with immune response.

By having nourishing food, rather than food that irritates may resolve issues such as itching, paw licking, ear problems and mobility issues.

Effective digestion is crucial to health and wellbeing, a raw diet compliments their digestive system. Processed food, such as kibble, do just the opposite as they are filled with carbohydrates and highly refined ingredients that can put a strain on vital organs and cause inflammation. A dogs natural digestive tract is short and designed to break down the proteins in a raw food diet and so the pH levels in the stomach will change along with the gut flora to a state that would be natural for the dog.


Dozer & Co. caters to many different styles of raw and fresh diets. 
“Oscar loves the fish jerky! They punch a nice crunch and are long lasting. A good thing when he only gets them as treats….for now!…
— Oscar loves the fish jerky treats!
“Just want to say how much Buckley loves the Dozer chicken wing tips treats. Buckley is 14 and is a bit tentative with new foods,…
— Buckley has found his favourite
“They won’t eat any other treats since we have given them Dozer & Co. treats!…
— Four paws up from Zoe & Fin
“My daughter is training her puppy, we have bought Woollies treats and he isn’t interested, was introduced to Dozer and oh my goodness he just…
— Boots at bootcamp
“Dozers treats are much loved in our house. After Meadow was enjoying some fish jerky in the yard, I sat the rest of the treat…
— My Frenchie got acrobatic!
“Just want to let you know that Cleo loves all the treats I got from you at the markets. Here she is waiting for her…
— Cleo the cute as Corgi

Frequently Asked Questions

Dozer & Co. caters to many different styles of raw and fresh diets. Find out more about our products below!

A raw and fresh diet aims to give your pets meals that closely resemble the biologically species appropriate diet they would live on naturally in the wild.  

A simple way to explain this, is to think of a dog or cat catching a rabbit in the wild. They will eat the muscle meat, organs, bones, often stomach contents and even part of the fur!  Hence a raw and fresh diet aims to replicate this.  It’s natural and covers the variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that they need to thrive.

Research has shown that since the advent of modern diets, such as highly processed dry food (kibble) our canine friends now have a shortened mortality rate and higher levels of cancer than ever before. It’s simple and it makes sense.  Has your Doctor ever told you to go and eat more processed foods?  No, just the opposite, we are always told to eat more fresh whole foods and our pets are no different.

Raw feeding is species appropriate diet and does not need to be broken down into specific breeds. However, in saying that, there are certain breeds of dogs that can commonly develop certain issues. For example, Dalmatians commonly have kidney issues and many owners prefer to feed a low purine diet.

As for age, our meals are formulated to include all the optimal nutrients for puppies and seniors. With puppies it is important to ensure you feed them the appropriate amount of food to keep up with the development of their body – and this can be quite a lot more than you think!
For seniors it is important to also focus on additional needs that may be required to reduce the risk or effects of arthritis and inflammation such as adding supplements. However our meals contain the necessary omega 3 and omega 6 ratios to assist, but as with us humans sometimes a boost from a supplement may be beneficial.

As this is a diet that is made without inappropriate fillers, such as corn, wheat, rice etc you will most definitely notice less volume in their poops. Great news for the clean up person! This is because your pet will be absorbing more of the ingredients they eat, rather than having dry food that’s bulked up with food they cannot digest properly.
Every pet is different but you will generally notice positive improvements such as healthier and shinier coats, better breath and dental health plus improved gut health as the microbiome changes to a natural feeding regime.

We also suggest transitioning to new foods so as to not shock your animals digestive system too much. As with any issues, always feel free to discuss this in-store for guidance.

As with our own human food, you still need to be sensible about safe food handling techniques. In other words, keep food refrigerated or frozen and defrosting in the fridge is recommended. Don’t leave your pets food sitting out all day – you wouldn’t do this with your own meals so don’t do this with your pets food.

We recommend feeding the amount your dog will eat in one session and then washing their bowls just as you would with your own plates.
It should also be noted our products are sourced locally and not imported from overseas with unknown safe handling procedures.

Yes of course. The raw pre-made blends we stock will always clearly state if it contains crushed bone content. Even though the bone would be not be in larger pieces, for digestive reasons if you intend to cook the meals then choosing boneless blends gives you the option to safely cook if preferred.

Treats are available for delivery now.

Do you have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to our friendly team. We’re here to assist with any queries or concerns you have.

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Hear from our wise Winnie as she shares her insights on crafting nutritious diets that keep your pets in their prime!
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